Hi everyone,
This is my YouTube video link.

You are welcome to go there and my subscriptions are listed. I have several statistics sites marked. Some are heavy on basic stats and some concentrate on SPSS. I can't remember which ones were best but if I subscribed they were good enough to be helpful.

I am listing them below but if you go to my channel I believe you will see which ones I have watched. I homeschool and teach pediatrics, pathophysiology and fundamentals (not all at one time!), the web sites I have joined, I utilize either for teaching kids, college courses or me!

You will notice I also have several concentration music videos because I put headphones on and play this in the background when I study sometimes to drown out household noise ;-) This has really helped. Of course, I always hoped that Mozart would help boost my math brain cells.

Another website I have used and really like is Laerd Statistics located at

This is a really well put together site. If you put in how many dependent variables and independent variables you are working with, this site will assist you in determining which test is needed for SPSS and then walk you through the steps. For all the statistics professors out there, this is probably insulting but for me it has been a lifesaver. Also, I have had some good teachers but the explanations on this site have been easy to follow.

Here are the stats sites individually. I think this is all of them...:

Helpful Stats YouTube sites:
This site is by ProfRobBob. If you go into his listed videos he has AP statistics at the bottom of the page. Once in there look for the topic you need help with J
This site is by RStatsinstitute which is by Missouri State University.
This is by Khan Academy; great but mainly stats help.
This site is by My book Sorry about the language but this guy is phenomenal!!! Just stats help though.
Cute site short and informational videos.
How2stats, I think this is the one that has lots of SPSS help….
By jbstatistics
This site is by This has great SPSS helps.

West Texas A&M University Patrick Pollard, great explanation of z scores, gotta love them...

Note to all graduate students!

Good luck everyone, we can do this....maybe not well or gracefully, but we can do this.

I have been advising students all week, many are having trouble with our second medical surgical course at USC Upstate. I keep telling them to remember one thing, it does not matter how pretty or handsome we look when we cross the finish line, we just have to cross it!!!! Slow and steady wins the race :-)

(Unless, of course, you take longer than 90 minutes...sorry just joking. Who can be that slow right? Me, I thought I was seeing things when I looked at the timer and saw I had 2 minutes left with 2 questions left and one that I had to go back to because I left it blank. Yikes!)

I am not super smart but I am super passionate about nursing and very stubborn...Someone said the other day, oh you're so smart and I said no, I'm just too stubborn to quit!

Hang in there everyone. We are going to be seeing each other at residency again before we know it; seriously, it's going to be like the test timer, we are going to look up and it's going to be July!

With love, respect and admiration for all you guys,
You are all amazing,

Deanna aka NurseHiott