Hello everyone, welcome to Nursing class 3... Help to further your degree!!!

My name is Deanna Bland Hiott MSN, RN. I started my first wiki for a pediatric class I was teaching for my master’s practicum. It is called Nursing Class. My second wiki called Nursing Class 2 was started to teach Fundamentals, Geriatrics and Pathophysiology. I love the practicality and versatility this medium provides. Notes, videos, PowerPoint’s, links are all able to be organized in such a way that students can access the material easily in a systematic way.

I am creating this wiki for guidance for nurses who have completed their BSN and are considering entering or are in graduate school, at the masters or PhD level. There is so much to consider. This wiki will try and offer avenues to guide educational paths, hints for organization and coursework. As I am in a PhD program myself at present, this wiki will grow as I have time. So, this wiki is under construction! Also, I do not claim to be an authority on any subject discussed, suggested or presented here. The topics are simply things that this student has found helpful.


This wiki is the personal property of Deanna B Hiott MSN, RN. Though I am an educator, the university is not responsible for the content of this wiki. It is a not for profit educational site and there are no advertisements unless incidentally added at the end of an educational video which was uploaded from You Tube. Videos and PowerPoints have links located at the bottom of each page. The main texts, articles, and publications utilized are referenced on the main page and then separately on additional pages. This wiki is constantly being updated with references being added and refined each day. This wiki is in no way intended to be used for diagnostic purposes and in no way substitutes for care from a trained medical professional.

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